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Concerned you'll outlive your savings? Then watch this video to learn how far $1 million dollars goes in retirement and what you can do about it.

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Let's talk. The truth is, we've all been given only half the story about building and using wealth. The 2nd half of the story will change your life.

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We'll communicate regularly to ensure your plan supports you in your life goals so that you can save more, spend more and give more.

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Did you know...

that by following traditional financial planning, you’ll have to contribute 3-4 times more money in order to enjoy the retirement that you want or expect?

So what you believe about building your wealth and preparing for retirement isn't aligned with the reality that you will encounter.

I’m Emily Prendiville, the founder and CEO of Financial Transitions LLC, and I help transition clients from the traditional wealth accumulation model to unique strategies that build and provide access to tax exempt cash flow throughout their lifetime.

Did you know that you’ll be paid 5th when you start using your retirement funds?  Scary stuff, right?

When I found out the whole story about how wealth really works, my passion and purpose became helping people learn how they can spend more, save more and give more by making sure they have control of their money, rather than giving that control to financial institutions, Wall Street or the government.

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